Woman Squatting: Different Squat Variations For Squat Exercise

Woman squatting is common, why do they do it. Well, squats exercise is one of the most basic exercises used in strength training. It is a strength building exercise that adds core strength, as well as strength to the lower part of the body. Its strengthens the a bit of middle and mostly the lower part of the body.

It helps to increase the size and strength of muscles. It is widely used by bodybuilders and other professional athletes to increase their body throughput. Women like to indulge in squats for some great reasons. One of the major reason is, that squats for women tend to make the legs and hips more shapely and strong.

Of course as with every exercise, squats have their own squat variations or different types of squats. These affect the muscles in different ways, and help target them as per once’s choice. Squats as a beneficial exercise has been documented since ancient times, and has been used by strong men and wrestlers to add strength.

For a woman squatting, squats is a compound exercise for full body. Squats affects the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, quadriceps and hamstrings. It also strengthens the bones, ligaments and tendons in the lower body. Squats is a vital exercise for increasing the strength and size of the legs and butts, It helps to develop strength in the core too. In totality back muscles, abdominals or stomach muscles, trunk, costal muscles, shoulders and arms muscles get exercised and trained in a woman squatting.

Benefits Of Squats

Squats have been known to benefits us in lots of ways. This is the reason squats exercise has never gone out of fashion. Its been around for ages and will remain so. A squat exercise becomes most effective if done with heavy weights, of course one should perform these carefully. Following are the wonderful benefits of squats ::

Strengthens Bones, Joints and Muscles – The squat exercise helps to strengthen bones, joints and muscles, and increases blood flow around them. Making them even stronger. Better supply of nutrients keeps them more energized and you feel more energized.

Entire Body Gets Toned Up – A woman squatting not only exercises her lower and middle parts of her body but the complete body as the legs, middle body, glutes, abdominals, back and arms, everything gets exercised. It is a complex exercise, which strengths the body as a whole too.

Better Leg Muscles – Squats do make legs pretty strong and really toned up. You’ll notice how people look at awe when they look at your shapely legs.

Improves Digestive System – Squats work up the full body and tend to make the body fluids reach all parts, thus allowing for a better nutrient reach, by pushing nutrients from the stomach. This helps in better digestion.

Increases Blood Circulation – Exercising during squat increases the flow in the body from stretching and movement. This makes the blood rush to all the body parts in use, causing better blood circulation.

Improves body form and posture – exercising squats with weights, strengthens body, makes muscles tight and improves body control and this improves body form and posture.

Helps In Better Balance – Better core strength and leg muscle control gives the body better sense of balance and makes movement easy and in full control.

Helps In Weight Loss – A person engaging in different types of squat exercise builds and tones a whole lot of muscles in the body. Better developed muscles on an average burn more calories even during stationary mode. This helps to burn additional calories for weight loss. So you burn calories even when you are not working.

Lose Cellulite – Cellulite buildup happens because of food circulation and low movement levels. Squat exercise helps to overcome these and helps in gradual loss of cellulite with a more shapely body.

Body Feels Energized – Squatting helps to strengthen body muscles better if heavy weights are used. This adds to better muscular control and better blood flow at all times. This also means more energy supplied to muscles and this keeps you more energized and makes movement easy, making you less prone to laziness.

Different Types Of Squats

A woman squatting is common these days, as they look forward to a better shaped body. Proper squat form is essential for good results and prevention from any injury. Following are the various squat variations that you can do, for optimum utilization for muscles and good shape.

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Infographic source: gonaturalph.com