How To Avoid Being Skinny Fat

Skinny fat is one of terms like lean, overweight, fat, obese, skinny etc. Often we’ve heard of them, but skinny fat is something new. The term itself is a paradox and contradiction in itself. But what does it actually mean? Is it good to be skinny fat or bad to be one? How does a skinny fat look like? What are the its health effects? A lot of such question may pop up in one’s mind.
The normal understanding goes that if one is overweight or obese or fat, they are unhealthy. Also, if one is thin, they are healthy. Now there is a new type that research points to, which is being skinny can be dangerous if one is skinny fat. MONW which is metabolically obese normal weight, medically is another name for skinny fat. This implies there is not enough muscle and too much fat. So one can think it is better to be fat or fit than being thin and out of shape.

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Skinny Fat Girl

The body type which is most commonly affected by skinny fat syndrome is slender, small boned, known as ectomorphs. Women are more affected by this syndrome than men, because women’s bodies have more fat and less muscle compared to men. So the main cause of skinny fat is having too much fat and too little muscle. People with skinny fat specially women mostly suffer with cellulite. Skinny fat occurrence increases as we age, cause the muscles decrease and body fat increases. Losing weight through dieting, but not exercising makes one prone to this condition.
This syndrome gets more common with people as they age and happens to most who fall in the vulnerability category. Various super skinny celebrities do suffer from it as one can see from the paparazzi pictures on the internet, for example Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, Iggy Pop, Ringo Starr are a few perfect examples  amongst numerous others. A tight toned body is much less susceptible to becoming skinny fat. The prime factor of being skinny fat is the ratio of fat to muscle in the body. Do not lack muscle mass, one needs to exercise to maintain enough muscles as we age and also to keep fat at bay. To counter this condition, one may lose or keep fat, but definitely has to increase the muscle mass. Women in general prefer skinny legs, but they actually need toned, firm slightly muscular legs at the very least.
Mostly women tend to lose weight by dieting, which removes the fat, but also decreases the muscle mass to become skinny. The best solution is have a proper nutritional diet and good exercise with weight training. Dieting without exercise actually makes the situation much more worse. Close to 70 percent of the American population is overweight, or obese. Journal of the American Medical Association revealed shocking statistic recently that almost 1 out of 4 skinny people could have prediabetes because they are skinny fat. Such a person has double the risk of dying if diagnosed with diabetes, than an overweight diabetic person. This is due to the extra muscles on the body developed by carrying those extra pounds. The following infographic summaries the facts about the condition and how to prevent it.

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