Rapid Weight Loss : 3 Great Methods Totally Reviewed

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Rapid Weight Loss, we all want to lose fat fast and easy !! All of us want to look like our favorite celebrity, all of them look so spicy and shiny but we can’t help but imagining how to look great like them. We sometimes spend countless moments in front of the mirror trying to find and fix and our physical shortcomings. Extra Body Weight is one major hurdle in the path to beautiful and good appearance. Now we all want to control and lose weight, but we don’t know where to begin, how to begin and how to lose weight fast ?

The well known truth of the majority of us is that in today’s world, we are not satisfied with our body’s shape/looks/size when we see ourselves in mirror. In our article we have highlighted Best Way To Get Rapid Weight Loss by bringing forward the fastest and the best weight loss programs, out of, which one is most suitable and effective for our readers. Many people fail numerous times in their weight loss effort, before trying a weight loss program, which helps to move on a well planned, regularly tracked and tweaked path to a successfully losing weight. Our effort is to precisely help them to choose the best method to rapid weight loss.

The Venus Factor is the best weight loss program for women and highly effective for men, the fact that makes it best is overall satisfaction from its users coupled with the fact it not only focuses on diet, nutrition like other weight loss methods, but also helps to control the hormonal imbalance of leptin ( the hormone which control metabolism rate and hunger, which affects weight loss and weight gain). And, The Venus Factor is also the only weight loss program to recommend HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for maximum calorie burn during exercises. Infact many women swear by The Venus Factor as being very very effective rapid weight loss program and helping them to transform their lives.

There are some programs which we have not included in this list, which may be bit less effective. We have reviewed and compared popular rapid weight loss programs on factors which have the best customer satisfaction levels and solve the age old problem of how to lose weight fast, effectively and maintain it over long term.


Factors To Evaluate Rapid Weight Loss Methods




Weight Loss: Before choosing any rapid weight loss program you should be aware about your own goal and expectations from the weight loss journey by which you are going to reduce your fat and eventually lose weight. One should set realistic goals and work towards them slowly and consistently rather than sudden weight loss and weight gain later on.

Fast Results: In this criteria you should check how fast the rapid weight loss program can help you to lose fat. Different programs use their own approach and thus produce results in different durations of time. These programs help you to re-train your body’s metabolism so that the body naturally starts to burn fat, lose weight fast.

Fat Loss: One needs to look at fat loss one is aiming to achieve. Different rapid weight loss programs address the problem of fat loss in different ways. One needs to look how a particular program is going to help melt the fat away and keep it at bay for sure in the future while still maintaining good body weight.

Diet: What one eats is a totally related to our gains and losses in the weight department. Often unhealthy intakes account for our major pitfalls. Different weight loss programs take different approaches to the same problem. However the end results matter. Sometimes Diets need drastic change so results can be achievable.

Muscle Toning & Build Up: Exercise is important, it helps to keep body at good working efficiency and at the same time keeps muscle toning and buildup at optimum rate to ensure good metabolism rate for maximum burning of fat and use of food energy. Different rapid weight loss programs use varying levels of exercises for muscle care and rate of body metabolism.

Ease of Use: You always choose the weight loss plan that you can use with ease, if one is able to adjust the program and its schedule as per one’s daily schedule then the chances of success increase several fold. One should keep a consistently track weight from day one, to see if its easy enough.

Effectiveness: Effectiveness of these rapid weight loss programs totally depend on your dedication, hard work and adherence to the weight loss program practices. One must also follow the nutritional guide to keep check of what going inside to keep fat intake in check.

Support: A product with a good customer support can actually make a difference as the accompanying manuals make or break the entire experience of a user in his/her effort of achieving the weight loss goal. All the mentioned rapid weight loss programs here have all the help and support you require with effective manuals and self help videos for proper demonstration and effective application. These really help you in effort to how to lose weight fast.

Refund Policy: A healthy refund policy shows how much confidence a weight loss program has in itself. All the below mentioned programs provide 100% money back guarantee within 60 days. This is a facility so one knows their money spent is safe, while at the same time there is no substitute for hard work and determination in the journey to effective rapid weight loss and its maintenance over long term.


Verdict: The Venus Factor is The Best For Rapid Weight Loss

best way to lose weight

1st – The Venus Factor Verdict:

The Venus Factor is highest rated weight loss program ever for women with the best satisfaction levels so far. Most women who have used it give it at least 4.5 of 5 rating. Venus Factor is a comprehensive weight loss program which looks to control all the factors involved in your weight loss, such as diet, nutrient balance, hormone balance control of leptin, HIIT exercise and muscle toning for a good shape. Most women who have used it, continue to use it even after the weight loss and have managed to maintain themselves nicely over the long term.

Benefits with The Venus Factor program:

  • It’s a scientifically proven program for safe and quick results.
  • Create your own short and long term goals with a plan that works.
  • Commit yourself to program guidelines for guaranteed weight loss.
  • Venus Factor online community is really great for all answers, support and how tos.



2nd – 3 Week Diet Verdict:

3 Week Diet is a rapid weight loss product that men or women both can use to learn how to lose weight fast. Here you get a instant PDF which offers you 4 Phases to follow which get easier by the day and only simple exercises 3 days a week that helps you to burn fat easily.

This program offer you same additional benefits like:

  • You can download the 3 Week Diet instantly for $47.
  • If you don’t lose weight you can have your money back.
  • You can directly reach the trainer for any questions or help.
  • You can see excellent progress in just 3 weeks.



 3rd – Fat Diminisher System Verdict:

Fat Diminisher System is a complete game changer in the game of losing fat and getting healthy.This is a 4 week nutrition centric rapid weight loss program whose primary focus is to burn fat and makes your body shape better so you know how to lose weight fast. Did you know that strict diet control and certain types of exercise can actually trigger a biological switch in a body to lose or gain fat.

Benefits with Fat Diminisher program:

  • It’s a scientifically proven program for safe and quick results.
  • This program makes you to lose 5 pounds in 7 days.
  • Make few changes in your daily diet and you are good to go.





More Information on Rapid Weight Loss Methods


The Venus Factor Review: The Best Weight Loss Program – Takes Care Of Everything

John Barban is the creator of The Venus Factor,  who after research made the revolutionary weight loss program that aims to help women who are struggling with their weight problem and they don’t know how to get rapid weight loss. Now one question may rise in your mind “How it is different from other programs”. First of all it does not contain usual cardio workout exercises, all the exercises in this program are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which means, you will get maximum and fast results compared to other programs. Another important factor of this program is Leptin control, it is a hormone that controls fat storage and metabolism rate in females. This hormone is actually less responsive in women than men, so this leptin resistance is actually responsible for difficulty in achieving weight loss. The Venus Factor program will show you how to reverse these effects, which is the key to losing weight fast. the-venus-factor-logo60-day-money-backBuy Now Animation(2)
Description – Venus Factor is ‘The Best’ known weight loss plan primarily for women and for men as well. This weight loss system revolves around the hormone ‘Leptin’ which is responsible for fat storage and weight gain as it sends signals to your brain to start or stop eating. Venus Factor Program though careful food planning reduces body’s resistance to Leptin and thus leading to better eating cycles.

This plan is 2 parts: The first one is Fat Loss, followed by Moderate Muscle Building. The idea is to first calculate body energy requirements, control Leptin resistance and finally lose fat and maintain weight over long term.

For – Women, Men. The Best known weight loss plan for women.

Benefits – The Venus Factor has following benefits:

  • 12 Week Realistic systematic plan to lose weight
  • Look 100 % better as the plan commences from 1st week
  • Secret Herb to help in weight loss and weight gain prevention
  • Lower leptin resistance to pump up metabolism rate and fat burning
  • Lose just fat, not muscle mass for better body balance
  • Foods to help kill fat
  • HIIT exercises for maximum fat burn
  • The Best Rated Weight Loss Plan For Women

What’s Included – The Venus Factor consists the following:

  • The Diet Plan – It explains The Venus Factor program and Leptin effects on metabolism rate. It blueprints diet regime, daily calorie intake, foods to eat and avoid, recipes, meal planning. Follow to weight loss before starting the Workout Plan, for best results.
  • The Virtual Nutritionist – A software application to calculate your daily requirements which are adjusted as weight drops. Follow strictly.
  • The Workout Plan – Highly recommended for best results. After excess fat is removed, extra muscle tone comes in handy for best appearance, and the best female body proportion and balance.
  • The Online Support Forum – An online forum to ask questions and seek answers, advice, tips from like minded women members of The Venus Factor. You’ll be surrounded with success stories, who are always ready to help.

Price – $37 onlyBuy Now Animation(2)





3 Week Diet Review: Effective, But Not Comprehensive

“3 Week Diet”, by Brian Flatt is a weight loss program, that in simple lifestyle changes help to lose 10, 15, even 30 pounds in as early as 21 days. The 4 phase program, has its each phase each containing amazingly effective rapid weight loss methods. The 1st phase of 7 days, detoxes a person’s liver and cleanses all the toxicants from the body. Brian Flatt recommends taking vitamin A, C and D supplements to maximize weight loss results.The 2nd phase “Fasting for 24 Hours” begins after the person’s last meal on the 7th day to throw out the toxins. The 3rd phase 3 Day “Fat Fast Diet” consists of 80% calories from fat, begins on the 9th day to remove built-up toxicants in the body. The 4th phase “Focus on Your BMR” lasts from day 12 to 21.which will have people eating a nutritious diet of fresh, clean unprocessed food to keep a person’s carbohydrates from low to moderate. 3-week-diet-rapid-weight-loss60-day-money-backBuy Now Animation(2)
3 Week Diet is the best fastest rapid weight loss program one can apply to lose weight in a planned fashion. This plan works very fast ( 20 Pounds in 3 Weeks) by regulating the food intake to help you control your weight and lose fat and reduce weight. The 3 Week Diet starts first with a detox phase, followed by an optional fasting phase and then by two different low carb phases. This plan gets easier with each passing phase, with the last phase being the easiest so one is able to start maintaining the weight loss over long term.

To keep things easy, 3 Week Diet includes a very easy exercise program, which is 2 parts : Required exercise and optional exercise. The required exercise is every day morning walk before breakfast. Optional exercise is dumbbells based to maximize fat burning. One can easily lose weight without the optional exercise.

For  Women, Men. Anyone who wants to easily lose weight fast in a matter of weeks and be able to maintain it.

Benefits  3 Week Diet is great in lot of ways:

  • 15-25 pounds body weight reduction
  • 2-5 inches loss in waist size
  • 2-4 size drop in dress size
  • Faster body metabolism rate
  • Decreased cellulite
  • Improved cholesterol count
  • Increased muscle tone

What’s Included – The 3 Week Diet includes of 4 Parts, which are:

  • The Introduction Manual – It explains why we get fat and the reasons for 3 Week Diet’s effectiveness. Also tells what to do (and what not to do) during the diet plan. It covers, the recommended supplements needed to help rapid weight loss.
  • The Diet Plan Manual – You get step by step instructions for what to do and when to do. It explains what to eat, and when to eat it. It includes the 3 phases of the 3 Week Diet.
  • The Workout manual – This gives detailed instructions for the Workouts to follow, including diagrams and full instructions.
  • Mindset and Motivation Manual – Motivation to help keep you on track with the diet. It helps you to cope with varying emotions during rapid weight loss.

Price – $47 onlyBuy Now Animation(2)





Fat Diminisher System Review: Lose Just Fat, Not Much Exercise Nor Hormonal Balance Check

The Fat Diminisher System by Wesley Virgin is a comprehensive rapid weight loss program for those who want to lose fat & weight fast and safely. It’s a truly wonderful guide to pump up body’s natural metabolism, kill unwanted fat and providing a fit healthy body. It has special techniques to deal with overweight issues and no drugs, medicines or gym are required. Counting calories and planning meals is done efficiently to drop pounds of weight and fat off the body. The specialized approaches towards the strict diet plans and little home exercise reduces weight safely and without using any medicines or getting expensive treatments. Fat Diminisher System has a proper meal schedule for people to follow on their diets and very simple exercises that take little time. These diet plans have highly effective recipes for all the 3 meals of the day and exercises takes only 5 minutes, which can be done at home at early in the morning for best results. Fat Diminisher recommends doing workout before breakfast on empty as the body craves for energy and then it starts to burn fat while looking for energy. Fat Diminisher is getting groundbreaking success in the rapid weight loss field with lots of positive results from its users. fat-diminisher-rapid-weight-loss60-day-money-backBuy Now Animation(2)
Description  Fat Diminisher is a 4 week Fat cum Rapid Weight Loss Plan. It effectively builds a long term approach to Fat Blocking in the body and a more stable permanent system of maintaining body weight in the desired range. It helps to measure and achieve the right balances in all accountable factors for rapid weight loss such as exercise schedules, food types, daily routines, daily diets etc. It guides to fundamentally change certain aspects of diet and exercise habits to be healthy for life.

The focus of the Fat Diminisher is to teach people how to lose their weight naturally and keep it off by making a few easy changes to your eating habits. You will be shown tips that will revolutionize the way that you interact with your food and ensure that your relationship with calories becomes much more stable.

For  Women, Men. Anyone wanting to lose weight fast and be ready to do small lifelong changes to diet, exercise and eating habits for a more permanent fat & weight maintenance.

Benefits  Many reasons Fat Diminisher System is good for you:

  • Easy to follow method
  • Burn stubborn fat around stomach, thighs, and butt
  • Lose 5 pounds in the 1st week
  • Boost your metabolism up to 30 percent
  • Calculate diet nutrients intake based on height, weight, metabolism, and age
  • Herbs & minerals to combat the aging
  • Healthy smoothies guide to neutralize free radicals

What’s Included  The Fat Diminisher System consists of 3 parts, which are:

  • Fat Diminisher System – The main fat loss and weight loss system, which resets metabolism, helps to lose weight and maintain weight over long term.
  • The Truth About Veggies – Additional Guide to using vegetables in our diet. It specifically explains which vegetables go for what purpose and which ones to abstain from.
  • Most Powerful Sex Foods and Stimulants – Enhance your sex life, perform sex better, be more aroused and satisfied. Which foods do what, a complete guide to using foods for pepping up sex life.

Price – $37 onlyBuy Now Animation(2)



Verdict: The Venus Factor is the Best Rapid Weight Loss Program

the-venus-factor-logoBuy Now Animation(2)

Best Of Luck For Rapid Weight Loss !!

May You Have The Best Of Health, Wealth ‘N Happiness !!!

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