Do A Perfect Portion Control With This Serving Size Guide

Portion control is eating the required amount of food. This is as important as having a balanced nutritional diet. If one is planning to lose weight, the portion control makes a big difference. We do need a certain amount of calories during one day, which provide energy to our bodies for growth, repair, bodily functions and for the activities that we do.The recommended required daily amount of calories is 2,000Kcal for women and 2,500Kcal for men. However, these is a general guideline and it may vary based on factors like body size, daily activity etc. One size fits all doesn’t hold true in this case.

It’s hard to do portion control of every food that we eat. Still there are some simple rules of portion control to follow so that you are eating the right serving size of any food. A serving size is the amount of food that one can eat during a meal or snack. If one eats more or less than the recommended serving size, then it’s either too much or too little of the nutrients supplied. People with diabetes or severe obesity, should try to strictly follow the recommended serving size.

For foods like cereal and pasta, measuring cups should be used to measure servings for proper portion control. Similar measurement comparisons are put forth in the following infographic for better portion control with proper serving sizes. Recent studies have found that modern portion sizes add an extra 50 to 150 calories which are unwanted. It does not sound like much, but an extra 100 calories per day makes for an impressive extra 10 pounds of body weight a year.

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