How Many Calories Should I Eat To Lose Weight

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These are the basic questions one thinks over as he or she decides to lose weight. This is obviously the right thing to do. In most cases a person becoming fat is sole result of them eating more than required. This results in the alarming fat or obese condition.
The good thing is everyone understands eating majorly controls how fat or slim we can be. This is the first step to know what needs to be controlled in order to lose weight. What comes next is to determine, how much to eat to lose weight.
This is rather tricky. How much to eat or how many calories to eat to lose weight varies from person to person. This depends on many factors. Before one can decide how much to eat everyday, it is imperative to know how much calories does one’s body requires.
This is tricky too. Now, calories required by the body is the energy required to stay the same way. This means maintain the weight and fat that you already have. Any addition, or subtraction to this calorie intake amount results in weight gain or weight loss.
Body calorie requirement depends on many factors like gender, height, muscularity, daily activity level and so forth. Now as a general guide, a calorie requirement chart helps to understand how much one should be eating. The most basic way to judge is to follow a chart that describes ideal weight according to height and gender of the person. This is below. This chart gives the ideal weight in pounds.

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Now that we know our ideal weight, it is important to see how much do we weigh currently, and how much is to be lost. This will definitely help us to see how much calories to eat to lose wight. This will also help in how much to eat to lose weight everyday.
In order to lose weight, we need to eat less than our daily required calorie intake. The chart below describes the calorie intake required by a person by their age, gender and activity level. This helps to find out how food our body needs everyday.

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Before we go further, we should know 1 Pound = 3500 calories or 1 kg = 7500 calories. Now assuming one weighs currently 100 pounds, and needs to lose 1 pound of weight, they have to eat 3500 calories fewer. Now its not possible to skip the all meals of the day for 2 days and lose 1 pound. This will affect the health in a bad way.
The ideal way to lose this 1 pound is over 3-4 days. By referring above charts, assuming your calorie requirement per day is 2200 calories, it would be safe to eat 1200 calories a day. This will help you lose 1 pound in 4 days. Or, this also means you can lose about 2 pounds every week.
For a person who needs to lose 20 pounds, it would take about 10 days or so lose 20 pounds. This answers an important question – how to lose 20 pounds. This method can be applied to lose 50 pounds or lose 100 pounds of weight.
When body has a calorie intake deficit, it completes this deficit by utilizing the fat. This fat is stored energy. This way you knot only lose weight, but also cut fat deposits in the body. So we have now decode how much calories to eat to lose weight.
1200 calories a day calorie intake can be managed in a couple of ways. You can split this in 3 meals of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For this breakfast has to be heaviest, lunch should be lighter than breakfast and dinner should be minimal like only a bowl of salad. A calorie counting app can help you to count calories in your meals.
You can also split this 1200 calories into 5 meals of breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 small snacks in between. This helps some people get over unexpected hunger pangs or food cravings they might have during the day or early evening.
Note :: Its very important that you abstain from fried food, sweets, chocolate, all types of soda, baked foods, fast food, fatty food, and cheesy food during the times you wish lose weight. Good luck.