Read Secrets To Why Some People Are Never Getting Fat !!

Getting fat is generally bound to happen as age. So goes the common understanding, and as we age slowly put on more fat and weight. We see this happening to our friends and then to us. For most it becomes tough find out why they actually might be putting on weight and getting fat, to the point they slowing start accepting this as nature’s law.

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Of course, some people are more prone than other to getting fat and gaining weight, while others are more prone to staying the same. Some are very good at keeping weight at bay, and not only that they manage to remain slim for life. They is some magic at play here, doctors call it their genes, some are baffled and then some call it their habits. I must say their are a lot of factors at play, but most of all a person’s habits contribute majorly to his/her appearance.

As we get older, our bodies change slowly, the body functions get slower so we end up getting fat. This contributes to less and less energy, also the fact that the general body metabolism rate becomes slower. This leads to body being able to process less fat and sugar over time which add belly fat. Though our diet remains same, but the processing power becomes slow. This causes fat getting piled up slowly in bodies. The most important fact that single-handedly contributes to this is food choices. Healthy food choices do the major work of keeping us healthy.

But there are some people who seem to defy every logic and still  eat what they like and yet stay slim. The most surprising fact is majority of them are women, yes can be one of them. Also they love eating chicken, fruits and vegetables to have a good healthy mix. If at all they do take soda, they prefer diet soda. The following info graphic shows what their habits are, so you can use these to get on the greener side and prevent yourself from getting fat.

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