America Obesity Statistics You Need To Know

Obesity is known to have been prevalent since the time humans existed. Obesity become common only in the 20th century with the WHO finally recognising it as a global epidemic. A 2015 obesity statistics study puts the estimated number of overweight people in the world to be over 2.3 billion. The rate of obesity also increases with age as one piles more fat and does less physical activity.  Obesity was once only linked to developed countries, but has since 1980s slowly engulfed the world, specially in urban settings. Overweight and obesity happen when a person has abnormal or excessive fat accumulation in the body.
Body mass index or BMI is a measure used to classify overweight and obesity. By 2015, the world had more than 2 billion people above age 18 years who are overweight with 600 million of them being obese. So close to 40% of people in the world are obese. The recent obesity statistics worldwide occurrence of  obesity has at least doubled from 1980 up to now.
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The major cause of being overweight and obese is the extra intake of food calories, that come from fast foods or overeating. There has been significant increase in the food portion sizes that are affecting humans. There is a total energy imbalance in the body between calories input and calories expended. This is due to:

  1. A greater intake of fat or sugar dense high energy foods that are high in fat

  3. Decreasing amounts of physical inactivity due to changing work environments that are eliminating
    physical labour, along with less manual transportation, and increased urbanization.

  5. Recent changes in dietary and physical activity patterns over the past few decades is the result of
    unsupporting governmental policies for better health and inadequate education about these.

The United States Of America has one of the highest obesity statistics amongst the developed countries, which is because by 1962, 45% of Americans were overweight of which 13% were obese. The percentage of overweight people has touched a staggering 40% in recent times. Minorities, low income individuals tend to overweight, with obesity rates are closer to 50% among African American women. The southern part of US is called Obesity belt or Diabetes belt.
Obesity is now one of the leading health issues in America by obesity statistics that causes close to 300,000 deaths a year. About 65% of Americans are overweight or obese, with these rates not likely to fall in the coming future unless strict action is undertaken both by government and individuals themselves. Numerous health issues like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney diseases are likely to become prevalent when a person’s BMI exceeds 23. By 2015, obesity and overweight has caused around 4 million deaths, majority of which were heart diseases. Hope the following infographic makes things more clear to you.

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